What is the main purpose of LeviarCoin?

The main purpose is to help individuals and companies to protect their own software, secure their in-app purchases and cut down on payments fees.

Do you have an escrow?

Yes! BTC ICO funds are escrowed by SebastianJu. Read more on ICO and Terms pages.

How can I participate in ICO?

Register on our platform: ICO and grab a BTC or ETH address and deposit! After 1 hour XLC will be credited to your account.

What will you do with unsold coins?

Unsold coins will be burned with proof-of-burn method, read more here.

Is there a funds allocation plan?

Yes, we have one. We have a short-term plan that covers start-up expenses, look at ICO section.

When will the client and sources become available?

Client and sources will be published in the week after the crowdfunding campaign finishes.

Which algorithm is used?

LeviarCoin is CryptoNote based and uses PoW CrytoNight algorithm.

Is there a demo of client?

You can try some basic commands here: Demo (this is a demonstration only!)

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Drop us an e-mail: info{at}leviarcoin(dot)org - Or join our Telegram group: @leviarcoinofficial